C3 Alliance announces its partnership with Personetics and CRON

             NEW YORK, Dec 21 – C3 Alliance, a technology partnering and services company focusing on the Financial Services industry has joined forces with Personetics and CRON to provide the Microfinance industry with a cutting-edge Customer Service offering.

    The new offering, Micro Capital Services, provides an innovative way of maintaining contact with customers, improving operations and controlling service costs.

    The microfinance market is attracting many financial organizations seeking new areas of growth. According to the World Eonomic Forum 2011, approximately three billion of the world’s population lack access to basic financial services. Given this reality, financial firms recognize the opportunity to extend banking facilities to these individuals; and supply tools for saving money, transferring funds and accessing credit. The distinctive economic model and profitability characteristics inherent to microfinance presents particular challenges that requires taking a different approach to customer servicing.

    At the same time, and as with any service provider, firms want to maintain a personal touch with their customers, provide a superior customer experience while at the same time keep costs in balance.

    The Micro Capital Services offering is an effective and efficient approach to customer service that combines cross-channel capabilities, ‘near shore’ call center operations, advance service management and smart automation technology. It combines all aspects of customer services and includes call center facilities, technology, management, processes, and components.

    The benefits that Micro Capital Services provides includes:

    • Vastly improved customer application website
    • Improved customer call-center call processing
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Reduced operational costs

    C3 Alliance is a technology partnering and services company focusing on servicing the Financial Services Industry. Personetics provides automated customer service solutions that anticipate customer needs and approaches them with relevant solutions. CRON is a Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center company based in Costa Rica. 


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