Oracle Forms Modernization

C3 Alliance has developed a specialty practice in Oracle Forms Modernization. In addition, we are the exclusive US Northeast reseller for ORMIT technology, which provides the most powerful set of tools for Form Migration.

We offer a range of options for our clients:

  • Complete Conversion Solutions C3 Alliance can take complete ownership of your Forms conversion projects.
  • Coaching, Training and Staff Supplementation C3 Alliance can supplement your conversions projects with the staff and expertise to ensure success.
  • Tools and Technologies C3 Alliance can provide you with the tools, technologies, software licenses and training to start you down the road to a Modernized Forms infrastructure.

What is ORMIT?

ORMIT is a fully Automated Batch Oracle Forms Migration Tool Suite

  • Upgrades Forms & Reports from all previous versions of Oracle Forms to the newest versions (to 10gR2 / 11G).
  • Also upgrades Oracle Forms to Java/ADF
  • Creates no proprietary code and requires no 3rd party run-time software
  • Provides detailed documentation
  • Preserves your business logic
  • With ORMIT, project cost, effort and time is dramatically less than traditional migration methods, usually saving 75% to 90%.
  • ORMIT features and capabilities reduce the risk of failed projects or cost over runs

C3 Alliance Oracle Forms Migration Methodology

With ORMIT-Forms, users can simulate the migration process and generate a pre-migration check report. This report allows tweaking of the actual upgrade process and increases the automation level.

A migration report is generated at each step of the migration. This documentation allows users to revisit changes long after the upgrade is done. In addition, ORMIT-Forms places a date and time stamp for code level changes made.

ORMIT-Forms provides value at each step of the migration project Pre-migration Analysis, Migration, and Post-migrationEnhancement. It is extremely useful in re-engineering and maintenance of applications after the migration.

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