About C3 Alliance

Who are we?

C3 Alliance is a technology services and partnering firm located in Mid-town Manhattan.

Cognizant Collaborative Competitive

Cognizant We pay close attention to and are constantly adapting to the market.

Collaborative Success requires collaboration on all levels. We work together with our customers, employees and partners to ensure proper motivation and ultimate success for every engagement.

Competitive We out maneuver with size and speed

C3 Alliance Business Model

Each engagement with C3 Alliance is treated as a collaboration between our Client Partner and some combination of C3 Alliance Services and Member Firms.

C3 Alliance Member Firms

In addition to our team of technology experts, the C3 Alliance is able to leverage the expertise of its member firms to build the ideal team for each engagement. Member firms include:

  • Staffing Firms
  • Technology Consulting Firms
  • Boutique Consulting Firms

C3 Alliance Customers

Our clients include:

  • Technology Firms
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Success Stories

Consider some of the following real world case study experiences of our team:

  • A major financial organization 'lost' 50 mm.
  • A large financial services back office project 'Go Live' lacked data integration visibility.
  • An insurance company's combined risk was understated.
  • A large business services company could not reconcile it's Balanced Scorecard results.

Contact Us

We are headquartered in Manhattan at:

C3 Alliance Corporation
349 Fifth Avenue
NY, NY 10016

Or e-mail us at